If your school doesn't use credit hours just add a 1 in that box for each class you put a grade in for.

Cumulative Gpa Credit value
Grade Credit value type of class
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Real GPA

The more selective colleges will "strip" your GPA to get an accurate GPA for your academic performance. They will calculate your GPA based on the five core academic areas

So to get an acurate GPA figure for college entrance only include grades from these subjects in the calculator above.

How to Calculate GPA

Calculating your GPA is relatively easy, all you need are your grades and the credit values they are worth. Each letter grade has a points value, on the 4-point scale these are:

If you have a + grade you add 0.33 and - you subtract 0.33 so a B+ = 3.33 and an A- = 3.67. With an A+ many schools will only give the 4 points as this is the maximum on a 4 point scale, however some will add the 0.33 to give a total points value of 4.33.

A common mistake is that you divide the sum of the grade points by the sum of the credit values to get your GPA. This works if all your classes have the same credit value (or your school doesn't use credit values in which case each class counts as 1). If, however, your school does use credit values and these differ between classes it gets a little more complicated. What you need to do is multiply the grade point by the credit value and divide the sum of these by the sum of the credit values. Here's an example:

Subject Grade Credit Value
Math A- 1
English B 1.33
History A 1
French B- 0.5

To calculate your GPA you firstly multiply your grade point by the credit value and sum these.

Subject Grade Credit Value Grade value Grade x Credit Value
Math A- 1 3.67 3.67
English B 1.33 3 3.99
History A 1 4 4
French B- 0.5 2.67 1.335
Totals 3.83 12.995

Now all you do is divide the total Grade x Credit Value by the total Credit Value:

12.995/3.83 = 3.39 This is your GPA